Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) come with its allied benefits of growing opportunities for global trade, reduction in commodity costs and increase in availability of services. It is important to consider how technological advancement can help in boosting global trade and impact business processes positively.


How does digitalized documentation work?


How many times have you worried about the forms to fill and compliance of your documents to your partner nation’s regulations? Not anymore!


Many countries are accepting digitalized documents to fulfill their regulatory requirements. Most nations operate systems through which import and export traders can send all trade related information that comply with the regulations for the country’s foreign trade. This system acts as a centralized entity for obtaining regulatory permissions.


With more and more countries accepting digitalization of trade documentation, automation has become simpler and easier to incorporate in trade processes.


What are the advantages?


Digitized documents strengthen trade security over boundaries and enable fair trade among nations. Replacing paperwork by digitalization, Eximdesk not only ensures information can be traced at all times but also brings about a significant reduction of manual labour and associated costs as well.


All traders are benefitted by document automation provided by Eximdesk in some way or the other. Especially, in case of big shipping consignments as automation allows them to work on a lesser number of documents than manual paperwork.


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