India’s export performance has been drab fueling reports of significant job cuts in the export sector. The Indian Government is taking all prerequisite steps to boost the country’s export performance. Latest in the line of initiatives is the setup of the Customs Clearance and Facilitation Committees (CCFCs) at ports. The Government hopes to hasten the process of export and make it easier for exporters to do business.


Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das tweeted that the CCFCs were conceptualized and set up to bring in systematic improvements. CCFCs are not to be restricted to seaports but also encompass airports.

Approval poured in from the Federation of Indian Export Organizations which hailed the effort as progressive. FIEO also claimed that the CCFCs will cut short the time required to get clearances from different agencies. To elaborate further, traders need to deal with numerous agencies for export and import to get clearance. Given the complex choreography of agencies involved delays are inevitable. These delays impact the traders significantly.

The CCFC will be spearheaded by the chief commissioner of customs/commissioner of customs of respective seaports and airports. The CCFCS will also count the senior functionary of the Food Safety Standards Authority of India/port health officer, plant quarantine and animal quarantine authorities, Drug Controller of India, Port Trust/Airport Authority of India/Custodians, and Railways/CONCOR as its members.



CCFCs will work earnestly towards clearing import and export goods to ensure that traders deliver on time and receive goods on time. The CCFCs will also detect and tackle snags that delay the clearance process.

It remains to be seen if CCFCs will help improve trade facilitation and the business environment in India.