When we observe the exporters trying to grab a deal in an unknown land and fail, we always wonder at those key mantras which can help the exporters in winning an export deal all by themselves. Most of the deals slip out of reach due to misinterpretation of the importing country’s culture and etiquette. Recognizing the differences and learning from the mistakes that we commonly do is a step ahead towards correction. Rather than desperately trying to lock the deals, adapting to the buyer’s needs and their differences in culture can build constructive business relationships in global markets. Here are those considerations to be made including culture and beyond etiquette of the target country:

  1. Precise documentation and past successful shipments talk a lot about how trustworthy you are. Clients will always believe in proven track records.
  2. If it is a new business or a new target country, research thoroughly and be ready with the compliance of trade commodities and procedures of the target country.
  3. Study the culture and etiquette of your country of origin.
  4. Recognize the culturally sensitive countries and areas to make sure whether your country of choice falls under a similar culture as that of yours or the extent that it differs. West globe differs largely from that of its east counterpart in its culture.
  5. Research and build the culturally sensitive defense that you need; start with learning how to greet and advance with skills required to tackle them in face-to-face meetings. Identify areas of difficulty and put in efforts to improve.
  6. Align your business proposition and model according to the clients’ need and cultural differences.
  7. Be true to your promises. Promise workable ideas and products. Irrespective of the culture and region, truth and honesty is the agenda accepted universally.
  8. Build constructive working relationships in overseas markets. It doesn’t hurt to wish your clients on emails on their important festivals. Have knowledge about their holidays and festivals and utilize your knowledge to benefit your business by extending those inches of comfort.
  9. Presence in the relevant marketplace makes a huge visibility. Electronic platforms on the internet have emerged like Eximdesk where you can enhance visibility and credibility by putting up your own page of the website and enlist your products.
  10. Keep yourself well informed with by getting instant updates about export, import, compliance, tariffs and trade shows.

Needless to say, how you fulfill your first deal talks hugely about your forthcoming deals. Showcase your first shipment through social media and during the subsequent email campaigns.